Frequently Asked Questions

* While tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated.
* Our Game Coaches are there to assist everyone to ensure a great time for all!
* No, the Game Coaches will always confer with you regarding what types of games you do/do not want at your party. The Game Coaches will then enforce these rules throughout the party.
* No, we will be there, rain or shine; However, in the event of a super-storm, blizzard, hurricane etc... (where it is clearly dangerous for our driver and your guests to be on the road,) Rescheduling can be done. We will reschedule at a time suitable for all parties. Please request a re-scheduled date at least 4 hours before the party/event.
* All of our Rolling Video Game Trucks are equipped with the latest consoles and the most up-to-date, popular games... In the event we don't have a game, you are welcome to bring your own copy of the game onto the truck as well.
* Yes, our reservations book quickly so in order to hold your date/time, you must pay a deposit, either by calling the office, doing so online, or arrange to drop your payment off to us at the office. Otherwise, your booking and date will still remain open for bookings by others. Please contact us to inform us if your organization or event has other options that we can discuss.
* To ensure the overall and best experience, we suggest scheduling your party approximately one hour before we arrive. This ensures the arrival of all guests and the children get to witness and become excited as our Truck(s) pull up.
* We service all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and parts of the Bronx. Due to unfavorable parking, we very rarely go into Manhattan.
* We operate 7 days a week and cater to all parties, events and times. Please call to schedule your party time. (Prices may vary)
* Booking an event is easy-peasy. Just go to the contact page and fill out our form. You can also call our office at 516-596-6226 any time, day or night.
* To ensure you get the time and date you want, we recommend booking your event 3-4 weeks in advance. Space is limited, and our reservations do go rather quickly; so the sooner you book, the better off you'll be. Reservations are first-come-first-serve, so until your deposit is made, your spot is open to all. That said, we do have multiple Trucks, so if you've waited until the last minute, please feel free to call us as we may still be able to accommodate your request.
* Yes, our Gaming Trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art AC and Heat to ensure your children are comfy!
* No we do not provide food, nor do we allow food or eating in the truck. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we take cleanliness very seriously when it comes to our trucks. In fact, each time a child comes onto our Truck, it's mandatory they use Hand Sanitizer.
* We come to your location. Please remember to accommodate approximately 5 parking spots to ensure our Truck and Trailer fit easily.